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Beavers distant neighbours

posted on 26.11.2019, 13:08 by Helga Veronica Tinnesand, Anke Benten, Hannah Bryony Foster
The data is supplementary material to the article:

Distant neighbours: friends or foes? Eurasian beavers show context-dependent responses to simulated intruders.

Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology. Authors: Anke Benten1, Hannah B Cross2, Helga V Tinnesand2, Andreas Zedrosser2,3 and Frank Rosell2*

1 Wildlife Research Unit, Agricultural Centre Baden-Württemberg, Atzenberger Weg 99, 88326 Aulendorf, Germany

2 Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences, Department of Natural Sciences and Environmental Health, University of South-Eastern Norway, 3800 Bø i Telemark, Norway.

3 Department of Integrative Biology, Institute of Wildlife Biology and Game Management, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Gregor Mendel Str. 33, 1180 Vienna, Austria

These authors contributed equally to this work

*Corresponding author: frank.rosell@usn.no, phone: +47 35 95 27 62

The data contains the behavioural responses (in seconds) from individual beavers to pairwise, experimental scent mounds with scent from conspecifics of different categories.


University of South-Eastern Norway




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