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Replication data for: People Performance Scales (PPS): A multi-company, cross-sectional psychometric assessment.

posted on 2022-01-28, 08:31 authored by Kjell Ivar ØvergårdKjell Ivar Øvergård, Simon Gottenborg, Leif W. Rydstedt, Thomas Hoff

This study aims to test the nomological validity of the People Performance Scales (PPS) using the job demands-resources (JD-R) model. All employees at two large companies in Norway (a governmental agency and a worker’s union) were invited to complete the PPS questionnaire electronically. A total of 2,469 respondents completed the questionnaire, resulting in an 87 percent response rate. Data was analyzed Structural Equation Modelling. First, all 15 scales included in the PPS showed excellent internal and construct validity. PPS was also found to have configural-, construct-level metric- and scale-level metric invariance across age groups and genders. Second, findings indicate that the PPS can be used for both research and consultancy based upon the JD- R model, while simultaneously assessing constructs of particular importance in Norwegian and Scandinavian legislation. The PPS represents a short and efficient questionnaire which measures the most relevant working environment constructs in a reliable and distinct way. The questionnaire has great psychometric characteristics and is well suited for use in organizations to measure employees’ experience of working environment factors, allowing organizations to identify areas of improvement and to support organizational development.


Project no. 298043 from Norwegian Research Council


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