Prevalence and Possible Factors of Myopia in Norwegian Adolescents.

Published on by Rigmor C. Baraas
The prevalence of refractive errors was measured in a representative sample of 16–19-year-old Norwegian Caucasians (n=393, 41.2% males) in a representative region of Norway (60° latitude North). Using gold-standard methods of cycloplegic autorefraction and ocular biometry, the overall prevalence of myopia [spherical equivalent refraction (SER) ≤ -0.50D] was 13%, significantly lower than in East Asians. Hyperopia (SER ≥ +0.50D), astigmatism (≥ 1.00DC) and anisometropia (≥ 1.00D) were found in 57%, 9% and 4%. This reveals Norwegian adolescents to be defying the world-wide trend of increasing myopia.

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The study was funded by the University of South-Eastern Norway and Regional Research Funds: The Oslofjord Fund Norway Grant No. 249049 (RCB). LAH holds a PhD position funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

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